Servitude begins with realising and understanding your true place, on your knees before your Goddess. Once you know where you belong and desire nothing more than to serve your Goddess, will you have no holds to male egoism and arrogance. you will humbly and willingly serve without expectation.

This is what I expect from devotees:

  • Explore My video store.  Consistent and impressive orders please Me.
  • Prove your devotion and e-mail a picture of yourself bowing to Me on your knees –
  • Express your gratitude with a Tribute.
  • Serve Me with your useful skills (Writing, Art, Music, Design, etc.)
  • Express your devotion online using platforms such as Twitter and Fetlife – dedicate these profiles to Me.
  • Promote My website and clip stores
  • Bow Down and offer Gift Cards in respect and gratitude
  • Continuously seek My pleasure for My pleasure is your reward
  • Strive to achieve all the qualities I desire in a devotee