Lucky Boot Licker
stiletto bound
Goddess Kim Pool Service

Bow down and kneel, naked, without possession and worship at the shrine you prepare in honour of Me, your Divine Goddess.

I shall be your first thought when you wake and your last conscious thought before you sleep. I shall be your dream. 

Worship My pictures and My videos every day, following My orders and tasks obediently.

Sacrifice your orgasms for My pleasure. Be willing to suffer for My pleasure.

Create and recite mantras that you may practice every day in affirmation of your devotion to Me as your one and only Goddess.

Must-have Qualities of a devotee :


you embrace your inferior role and position beneath Me, you are humble and lowly, small and insignificant. you recognise that you are nothing without your Goddess.


you are willing to live by My standards. you stand for and uphold My principles without fail.


you refuse to lie, steal, or deceive in any way. you are honest with yourself and your capabilities. No matter the consequence, your thoughts, words and actions will always be truthful.


you obey My authority, My laws, My commands. you comply with what is required and abstain from what is forbidden.


you consent to being My devotee and following My orders. you are happy and willing to please Me. you are not forced or coerced to devote your life in servitude to your Goddess – you willingly beg for the honour.


Trust is earned one trustworthy deed at a time. Trust is one of the most valuable traits to have and difficult to earn – it can also be lost in an instant.


you devote yourself to Me before any others, you are faithful to your devotion to Me as your one and only Goddess. you do not share your devotion to anyone or anything else unless explicitly ordered by Me to do so.


you invest 100% of your energy and commitment to working for Me and are diligent and consistent. you strive to work harder, tirelessly seeking improvement in servitude and devotion to Me, your Goddess.


you prove your attentiveness to Me by offering services that you are able to contribute for My pleasure. you carefully consider My desires and strive to show your appreciation in thoughtful ways.


you feel and show great awe and deep respect for Me. your Divine Goddess. you worship Me with eagerness and enthusiasm. you are filled with admiration – you ADORE